About the museum

Anton Hansen Tammsaare, best known for his  pentalogy Truth and Justice, is one of the most praised Estonian writers.

After the publication of the first part of Truth and Justice in 1926 many people started visiting his birth farm curious to see 
the landscape and people described in the novel.

Officially the museum for A.H. Tammsaare was opened on 30th January 1958 in the house built by the writer's brother August.
Originally the exhibition was located only on the second floor of the dwelling house but in 1978 on the 29th of January, in order to commemorate 
the 100th birthday of A.H. Tammsaare, a set of reconstructed buildings was opened. Replicas of former barn-dwelling, barn, crofters dwellings,
and fences  were built. Also, hiking trails in the bogs surrounding the farm were created.  Since 1994 the laureates of the Järvamaa Cultural prize have come to the 
museum once a year to plant a tree thus helping to create and expand the Cultural Grove. Since 1970s the museum grounds have been a popular place
for various kinds of open-air theatre performances. Plays based on the works of Tammsaare have been most popular though.

While the museum is dedicated to A.H.Tammsaare, it is also a good place for learning about the life of the mid 19th century Central Estonian peasants in general.
In addition to viewing the exhibition, one can take a walk in the Cultural Grove or go hiking in the surrounding bogs.